I Am A Fanon Edit Edit

I swear.

Welcome to the Badge Farming WikiEdit Edit

This wikia is mostly for badge-farming and its original name was Badge Farming Simulator.

Hopefully you enjoy this wikia!


1. SPAM!!!!

2. Have fun

Describe your topicEdit Edit

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

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Added category: RUESSS
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Added categories: T, H, E W, I, K, I ' S, RULLLLLLESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!, N O
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Added categories: Important, Rules, R, U, L, E, S
  • Rules
New page: Spam Edit If you never spam, you get an infinite ban.
  • I got a joke
Added categories: Fkhjhffs, Sd, Fx, Dwx, Ded, Ed, Qwd, Dex, Ew, Dd, De, Xd, Dwe, Eed, Qde, Edx, R,Watercooler
  • I got a joke

earned the Bridge Builder badge Awarded for adding 100 articles to categories!

  • Chat + Spamming on Chat
Tiddles the Ocelot

Sure!  9 minutes ago

Tiddles the Ocelot

Join It.  9 minutes ago

  • I got a joke
New page: JOKE!! XD
  • User:CjMancao

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