Animal Jam
Developer(s) WildWorks
Publisher(s) National Geographic Society

Smart Bomb Interactive

Engine Flash
Release date(s) September 10, 2010
Genre(s) MMO,Virtual World

National Geographic Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) virtual world launched in 2010 by WildWorks, in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The game, which has experienced 500% year-over-year growth, already has millions of registered players, and is one of the fastest-growing online kids properties worldwide.[1] Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict privacy policy.

Animal Jam takes place in the world of Jamaa, where players can travel through various ecological environments. Each environment features different interactive facts, games, and virtual shops. Players are represented in the game with customizable animal avatars. Players can accessorize their avatars, decorate their dens (virtual houses) and adopt virtual pets. Animal avatars are given three-part names chosen from a name generator (e.g. "Awesome Majorbrave" or "Captain Kookybird"). Players interact with one another through chatting, trading/gifting, or by participating in multiplayer games and parties. Players are rewarded with achievements for collecting facts in the game. Players also earn the in-game currency, gems, by completing games. Gems can be used to purchase additional avatars, accessories, dens, and den items. Diamonds, another form of currency received less often than gems and unavailable in minigames, is used to purchase items, animals and pets in a store called the Diamond Shop.


  [hide*1 Development


The game was developed in 2009 by WildWorks (Formally Smart Bomb Interactive). A beta version was launched on July 27, 2010 with the purpose of receiving players' feedback on how to improve Animal Jam. In May 2011, Animal Jam announced it had surpassed 1 million registered players.[2] By August 2012, the game surpassed 6 million players worldwide. In 2015, it was announced Animal Jam has reached 30 million players worldwide. [1] and in March 2013 the game had surpassed 10 million players.[3]


Animal Jam is divided into multiple lands and parties. Players are normally placed first in the world of Jamaa Township and travel by clicking on a location on a map of Jamaa. Each player is provided with a den for their avatars, decorated with den items (obtained by purchasing with gems, trading, or earning from Adventures). Club members are able to upgrade their dens, play most Adventures, own more than two avatars and purchase additional Members-Only den items with gems. Gems can be earned by playing minigames. Jammers can travel to underwater locations when using underwater animals (penguins, dolphins, sharks, octopuses, turtles, otters, and polar bears).


Animal Jam has several membership offerings (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month), as well as various gift card options available at retailers throughout the world. Each retailer has a special code with an exclusive type of playable animal or a bonus diamond pack with gems. Membership grants players' access to member-only animals to play as, virtual pets to care for, additional customization options, dens to live in and customize, and more.

§Communication and safety[edit]Edit

There are several forms of communication in the game that are all monitored by a safety chat filter, each with a variety of parent controlled safety chat options for their child's accounts. Safe Chat is allowed to be activated for members. These options can be set using the Parent Dashboard associated with the child's account. New accounts start out with Restricted Chat, which allows you to type from a preselected dictionary of words. There is a Bubble Chat option that does not allow you to type although the user can select from a limited list of sayings. The third type of chat option is Safe Chat or free chat, where the user may type their own messages. However it is still filtered through a safety chat and a warning will appear if you try to use potentially unsafe words that could be inappropriate. Other users will not see any message appear if your message includes certain words or phrases.Members can get a chat that is called 'safe chat' and you can say anything it will block if it is rude though. Chat can be any of these three but when you send jam-grams members can only type in them and even if they have safe chat they will type in restricted. For Members, you can also send "Jam-A-Grams", which is the in-game messaging system. Each Jam-A-Gram includes a background image selection, a stamp image selection and a list of sayings you can send. Only members can type in their own messages, but even if you have Safe Chat when you're a Club Member, you can't use the Safe Chat on a Jam-A-Gram. There is another option to attach a gift to send to another user, and you can only open the gift if you're a Club Member.

§Educational Elements[edit]Edit

Animal Jam is very educational as it has many places to learn about animals. You could adopt pets from Claws'N Paws and other places as well! There are a donation box to donate to Tigers, Lions or Cheetahs in the Conversation Museum, and in several places, there are movie theaters to learn all about animals. Click here to check out Animal Jam's instagram and learn about different animal facts.

§Sarepia Theater[edit]Edit

The Sarepia Theater is a location where Jammers can watch educational (and fun) National Geographic videos. "Geckos!" was the first video released to the theater.

§Tierney's Aquarium[edit]Edit

In Tierney's Aquarium, Jammers can go to the workbench and watch educational videos about sea equipment. In the theater, Jammers can watch answers and ask questions by clicking on the "Ask a Question" button. There is a touch pool in the aquarium where Jammers can touch certain animals. If you have a water animal, then you can get to the underwater section of Jamaa through a second touch pool. There is also a minigame of spotting fish and sea creatures.

§Conservation Museum[edit]Edit

In the museum, Jammers can look at facts of animals depending on the category (e.g flight, speed, etc.) and watch movies of that specific category.


At the end of certain games, it shows a fun fact with the window that shows you how many gems you have won. For an example, "You won! Fun Fact! Bears hibernate in the winter!"

§Mobile apps[edit]Edit

Tunnel Town is a mobile app released in 2013 by Smart Bomb Interactive. In Tunnel Town, players have to care for their bunnies, get furniture, plant crops to feed the bunnies, and earn achievements.

AJ Jump is Smart Bomb Interactive's second game on the app store. It is a game where players jump on to platforms as a kangaroo, get gems and decorate and give powerups to their kangaroo. There is also a setting to link to a player's Animal Jam account. If you win a certain amount of things, you can earn a pet Joey. When you link to your account, when you log in you will get a pet Joey if you've reached a certain height in the app.

Play Wild is doing beta testing now, and is the same as Animal Jam but in 3D, and is only available on the Android v4.1

§Game economy and trading[edit]Edit

The in-game monetary system is the use of gems that you can earn by playing mini-games and buddy games. There are also gem gift certificate codes that can be purchased in the Animal Jam Outfitters Shop. There is a daily gem bonus that you get during your first daily log on that you spin for a random amount which is multiplied by how recently you logged on last (times 1, 2, or 3). However you earn your gems, they can be spent at the various shops throughout the lands and parties of Jamaa for den items, pets, clothing and accessories. There is no option to trade or gift gems to other players. Every two weeks or so, a game in the land is updated to 'double gems'. If you play that game, you can earn more gems than playing a regular game. There is a Gem Donation area in the Conservation Museum that you can donate any gem amount towards helping an endangered animal of your choosing. The trading system was introduced into the game in March 2011 after players petitioned the designers to create a safer way for trading items between players. The new currency is "diamonds". Members get them weekly but non-members can win them in the daily spin.

§Gem donations[edit]Edit

The Gem donation box in the Conservation Museum is one way that Animal Jam helps support the mission of the National Geographic Society to inspire kids to care about the planet. A significant portion of all revenue Animal Jam collects goes to support National Geographic's worldwide conservation efforts. By June 2012, players enabled the Animal Jam creators at Smart Bomb Interactive to contribute over $3 Million to the National Geographic Society's work. The Play Wild Fund was introduced in November 2011 to allow players to choose which animals and conservation efforts they wanted to donate to.

On April 12, 2012, monkeys went endangered in Jamaa. Jammers could no longer create monkeys during this time. Players donated 100 million gems, to help save the endangered monkey population. The monkeys were saved and returned to Jamaa on August 30, 2012. Recently in November, 2014, Animal Jam has removed the cheetah from the Diamond Shop. Jammers are currently donating gems to the cheetah in the Conservation Museum in order to restore them in Jamaa.

§Gameplay environment[edit]Edit

Animal Jam is divided into multiple lands, oceans, parties, and games. Each account is provided with a free basic den, which is a lockable home that can be decorated with den items. Players are able to shop for den furniture and clothing. Only members can shop for different dens, apart from an underwater one for everybody called the 'Sunken Ship'. Each location in Jamaa features different habitats, shops, pets, games, journey book animals, educational videos, and reading information. There are even a few hidden areas and Easter eggs for explorers to find.


Award Recipient
Mr. Dad[4] National Geographic Animal Jam
National Parenting Publications Awards[5] National Geographic Animal Jam
Mom's Choice Awards[6] National Geographic Animal Jam
Life Buzz Award[7] National Geographic Animal Jam Readers' Choice Awards[8] National Geographic Animal Jam


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 animal jam is not so entertaining for older players.